Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Since my grandmother was born in the '20s and is only slightly tech-savvy, she sent me an email recently saying that her iPhone is "too complicated" and was wondering if I wanted it. !!! Of course, I said yes, thanking her profusely and anticipating my use of it (even though I will definitely feel like an asshole in the beginning when I bust out my iPhone to take a call), but hey a gift's a gift and I am extremely grateful for that.

I'm most excited though to have it's navigational opportunities at hand with the web browser. Also, the battery is said to last 250 hours on standby, which, with minimal phone usage and occasional web browsing, could last me a week or so without charging so it would be handy for long hauls. Unfortunately, the battery isn't removable so I can't just switch it out.

Anyhoo, this is keeping things looking up, just thought I'd share. Off to class!

See you on the coast.

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